About us

  • LZA is a global solutions provider and packager of wide array of industrial equipment for refineries, petrochemical, mining, gas processing, marine, EPG, pharmaceuticals, and more... 


  • LZA has been a key supplier bringing together component subsystems into a complete solution and ensuring that those subsystems function as one. 


  • Working with our worldwide distribution partners for over 25 years ensures a solid commitment of a global team focused on finding the best solutions for your application needs.


  • The ever-expanding demand for expertise fuelled by the drive to improve engineering efficiency and the need for cost savings have propelled customers to partner with LZA who can synergize their needs and ideas into working products and solutions.


  • Our expertise is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of the Energy, Petroleum, Marine and air pollution segments, in tailoring products engineered to maximize performance for your specific applications, reducing overall purchase cost and increasing your opportunity to close deals. 


Our Mission

The mission of LZA LLC is to become a Global leader in Sales and Services for engines, transformers, generators, pumps and their associated components. It is the intent of LZA LLC to provide its customers with the finest quality of products, service support, and people in all aspects of our business​. 

              Our Goal


At LZA LLC our goal is to continually meet the needs of our customers. When a call comes in we react in a timely manner.  We strive to achieve and deliver the best of both worlds tailored to the customer’s request.